SMD LED Module

An SMD LED Module (surface-mount device light-emitting diode module) is a type of LED module that uses surface-mount technology (SMT) to mount LED chips on printed circuit boards (PCB). It is a self-contained surface-mount LED device designed either to function on its own or to plug into a compatible unit.

Other types of LED lighting that are not SMD are the newer and more powerful luminescence COB (chip on board) and MCOB (multi-COB), finally there are the older DIP LEDS, "Dual In Line Package", DIP LED providing only low luminescence.

Common modules

The types of SMD LED Modules are distinguished by the dimensions of the LED package. Common types are 5050 SMD LED Module, 3528 SMD LED Module, 3020 SMD LED Module, 5630 SMD LED Module and the SMD 5730 LED Module. The brightness may vary depending on the driving current, inversely affecting the device's lifespan.

( mm x mm)
Power(watt)Flux(lumen)CRI(Ra)Intensity(candela)Beam angle(degree)Heatsink(yes/no)Efficacy (min)(lm/W)Efficacy (max)(lm/W)
85208.5 x 2.00.5 & 155-6080110120
70207.0 x 2.00.5 & 140-5575-8580110
70147.0 x 1.40.5 & 135-5070-8070100
57365.7 x 3.60.540-558015-18120no80110
57335.7 x 3.30.535-508015-18120no70100
57305.7 x 3.00.530-457515-18120no6090
56305.6 x 3.00.530-457018.4120no6090
50505.0 x 5.00.2414-1860-705.15-5.75120no5875
40144.0 x 1.40.222-3275-85110160
35353.5 x 3.50.535-4275-807084
35283.5 x 2.80.06-0.084-860-703120no70100
32583.2 x 5.8
30303.0 x 3.00.9110-120120130
30203.0 x
30143.0 x 1.40.19-1275-852.1-3.5120yes90120
28352.8 x 3.50.214-2575-858.4-9.1120yes70125
12061.2 x 0.63-655-60
11041.1 x 0.4


SMD LED modules are widely used, in LED lamps, for backlighting, home illumination, shop-windows, advertising, automobile interior lighting, Christmas lights, and numerous lighting applications.

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